"YES WE CAN" organization is an independent, voluntary,

 registered non-profit organization (Reg.No.5-8046308-1)


About us:

The non-profit organization, "Yes We Can" was established in 2006 to benefit and to nurture children, youth and adults in Israelwho have special needs due to physical limitations.

The organization offers classes and activities such as photography, computers, home economics, crafts and more.


Vision and Mission:

The Organization is fostering a warm and intimate atmosphere among its members, based on the philosophy that one who has a pleasant and positive experience will also develop a positive self-image, which will make it easier for him to adapt himself to reality and overcome obstacles. We believe, that a human being who gains respect, appreciation, personal attention and learning abilities, will have the power to flourish and the ability to take responsibility on his own life, and find his rightful place in the environment in which he lives.


The organization volunteers train and empower the handicapped members to develop a maximal independent life-style.


The organization based only on volunteers, who believe in the organization's vision and goals.


"Yes We Can" is solely funded by the sale of art objects which are created by our members and all operations and activities are provided by a corps of dedicated volunteers.


The organization promotes and operates free vocational training courses (computers, movie editing, photography, etc…) for its members, which enable them to acquire tools to gain a profession that will lead them to independence and trust in their abilities.

The members of "yes we can" organization acquire professional knowledge in various courses adjusted to their physical limitations. Those skills help them to integrate in unique programs, enlist to the IDF, and contribute in other ways to the Israeli society.


What differ us from other organizations? 

Wide support network

  • We believe that from the difference in the disabilities a joint success can flourish:  people with different disabilities (physically handicapped, blind, and deaf) share activities and support each other.
  • We integrate groups from different ages: Children, teen-agers and adults, who act together. The grown-ups are a model for the children who learn that you can live a full life despite your disabilities. The children are a "ray of light" for the adults, and motivate them to use their abilities to educate the next generation.
  • We offer all kinds of activities: Creative and social activity, professional courses, adventurous sports etc.
  • We give back to the community and empower our members: collect clothes and distribute them among needy families, visit IDF bases and distribute gifts to the soldiers, and much more…


The organization is a warm home for all its members and is a basis for a large variety of activities in a supporting, family-like environment. The different channels of activities the organization operates in order to achieve its goals enables its members to act in miscellaneous ways, all from the same active house.